Monday, May 25, 2009

Mantanani Resort

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Mantanani is a group of 3 isolated islands (06-42.8N by 116-18.3E) northwest of Kota Belud, or about an hour's drive from the state capital of Kota Kinabalu. Although only approximately an hour's boat ride by speedboat from the mainland, the islands are a reminder of an earlier and simpler place and time. Time slows down here amidst the crystal clear blue waters lapping on white sandy beaches. Tall slender coconut palms, like windsocks, tells of gentle breezes from afar.

Until recently, the islands were only known to a few locals. The surrounding waters offer splendid fishing and scuba diving adventures. Sailfish and marlin are the main quarry of sport fishermen in these waters. Scuba divers come here for the underwater wrecks, which still hold plenty of the secrets from the day they first settled on the sea floor. These wrecks are now home to a menagerie of marine creatures and an unrivaled marine photo studio. For the novice scuba diver, the coral reefs of these islands offer some of the best scuba diving this side of Sabah.

Mantanani Resort lies at the edge of a white sandy bay at the western end of the largest island. Nestled amidst the tall coconut palms, are scattered beach cabins surrounding the main plantation styled house. These large and comfortable cabins come with attached bathrooms and air conditioning. The relaxing atmosphere makes this resort one of the best places to come to relax and get away (even for a little while) from the drumbeat of urban life. Afterall, there's only one resort here in these 3 islands, not the other way around.


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